Durga Puja 2021 || Corona effect in Durgapujo! Will there be worship at all? How much style is possible? What Kumortuli is saying …

#Kolkata: Pujo (Durga Puja 2021) and only three months left. But this time, Kumartuli’s well-known busy picture disappeared. The effects of the corona virus are pervasive in the socio-economy. Durgapujo is the biggest Bengali festival. This time in Kumartuli many potters could not start working in such a way. Especially the potters who get quotes from small and medium pujo committees are still waiting for quotes.

Every year a large portion of the Durga idol at Kumartuli is cited on the days of Dol Purnima, Poyla Boishakh and Akshay III. But after this year’s assembly elections, there has been very little mention of the second wave of corona virus. Since then, Pujo entrepreneurs have not been able to face Kumartuli due to the continuous lockdown since the beginning of May. But now many Pujo committee officials are coming and making advances. The potters hope that the pujo committees known on the day of Rath will also come and pay their respects to Thakur. But all those who have come so far are looking for Tagore on a much lower budget than other times.

In the words of artist Khokon Pal, ‘All the puja committees are quoting low budget deities this time. Especially the budget of small and medium pujo committees is much less. Somen Dutt, founder of the Kashi Bose Lane Pujo Committee, one of the largest pujo in North Kolkata, said: Because in the last 20-25 years, the big corporates have participated in the pujo in Kolkata in the same way, I don’t know how much they will do this time. Because we all know the state of trade and commerce in the last one and a half years.

Supriya Roy, an official of a pujo committee in Baguihati, said, “There have been no advertisements since last year. Our worship was mainly based on donations and donations. I received a grant of Rs 50,000 for the government’s pujo. Other costs, including lighting, were reduced. This time, it will not be difficult to get government grant along with donations and donations.


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