Fake Cbi Lawyer Arrest: Traditional in government ceremonies abroad! Kolkata police is sending letters to the law minister and the BJP

#Kolkata: After interrogating Sanatan Roy Chowdhury, the police got shocking information. Sanatan introduced himself as the Special Counsel of the Government of India. Multiple documents have been recovered from him. This time, the Kolkata police will also send a letter to the Ministry of Law and Justice, i.e. the law ministry, according to police sources.

Multiple visiting cards, multiple cards with the BJP logo and receipts were recovered from Sanatan. That is why the Kolkata police will send a letter to the BJP. Basically, it will be done to check the documents that have been recovered. Whether these are fake or real, there is a connection with Sanatan, how he was known, all these things are being investigated.

Police have already found two mail IDs. Which used to be traditional. Sanatan used to keep in touch with them in government places. The police will check these mail IDs and send a report. Police are trying to find out the source of Sanatan’s income. Traditionally went abroad more than once including London, South Africa Johannesburg, Tokyo. Where did the huge amount of money come from? How many bank accounts does he have? The Kolkata Police is looking into whether there is a bank account abroad or whether there was any transaction in the account abroad.

Investigators are trying to find some answers by interrogating Sanatan. What was the purpose of his deception, why he was cheating, the Kolkata police will send a letter to all the documents that have been recovered by the police so far. Investigators will try to get all the information about this tradition from their department. The CBI had earlier said that Sanatan had nothing to do with them. The CBI’s special counsel is not traditional. The police of Goriyahat police station is also investigating whether anyone else is involved in this cycle of Sanatan.

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