Lovely Maitra: ‘Why such an attitude towards actresses?’ Lovely pierced the BJP in the assembly!

#Kolkata: Actress, but the fight was tough. He has won from that difficult seat. Actress Lovely Maitra, MLA of Sonarpur South, came to the assembly and slammed the opposition BJP. He also pointed out the shortcomings of BJP leaders in respecting women. Speaking in the budget speech of the Women and Child Welfare Department, Lovely said, “Why did the leaders of the opposition speak badly against the actresses? I am surprised to see them speaking in bad language. ‘

Lovely Maitra also strongly condemned the controversial remarks made by BJP woman MLA Agnimitra Pal about the Chief Minister. In his words, ‘What was the condition of women in Bengal before 2011? Yesterday, how did a member of our opposition party make a derogatory remark about a woman chief minister? ‘

Speaking about the grassroots, Lovely claimed, “I am representing a political party that thinks for women. Beauty is not external, it is internal. Mamata Banerjee said, society will move forward only if every girl can be educated. That is why Kanyashree has got recognition in the world. Our Bengali will set a historical precedent in women’s welfare. The mothers and sisters of Bengal have blessed Mamata Banerjee with both hands.

On the other hand, Barrackpore MLA Raj Chakraborty also said, ‘My fight was not easy. When I started preaching on the first day, I made up my mind not to leave the field no matter how hard the fight was. The game will be not just a slogan, I wanted the game to be able to stand by people with the spirit of the word. My challenge was to invigorate the team staff. A lot of people talked about a lot of problems, listening to them without hesitation and finding quick solutions to them, I was able to give people the confidence that I could do it. Now even small problems of people do not escape my eyes. I try to work while maintaining coordination. So I hope the blessings of the people will be with me. ‘

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