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#Kolkata: As expected, Mukul Roy was elected chairman of the Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee or PAC. But after the announcement of Mukul Roy’s name, the commotion started in the assembly BJP 8 walked out of the session opposing the appointment of Mukul Roy as PAC chairman

It is the custom of the Legislative Assembly to give the post of PAC Chairman to any MLA of the Opposition Although Mukul Roy has joined the Trinamool Congress, he is still a BJP MLA Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari has strongly criticized the ruling party’s strategy. He alleged that Mukul Roy’s name was not proposed for the post of PAC chairman on behalf of the BJP Despite this, the Trinamool Congress broke the tradition of the assembly by bringing Mukul Roy to the post. The Leader of the Opposition also alleged that the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly had broken the norms of power by ignoring the views of the Opposition.

However, Trinamool MP Saugat Roy refused to accept Shuvendu’s allegation He claimed that the law does not say that the opposition party should be given the post of PAC chairman However, Trinamool MPs have admitted that it could be the norm He also claimed that Mukul Roy was the most qualified for the post of PAC chairman

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