Postponement, SSC activities with the interview! Long lines from morning to protest, protests

#Kolkata: On Friday, the Calcutta High Court lifted the stay on the recruitment process for the upper primary (uccha pathomik). As soon as the suspension was lifted, the School Service Commission (SSC) started conducting interviews. According to sources, the School Service Commission may hold a virtual meeting on Saturday. Basically, you can decide when to start the interview process. Although offline interview will be taken. Although bus services have started in the state at present, train services, especially local train services, are closed. In that case, there is a possibility of discussing how or when to start the interview process.

On Thursday, the School Service Commission released the list of interviews for the upper primary. As soon as the list was published, some of the job seekers were complaining. There is ambiguity in the interview list of job seekers. Secondly, the reasons why job seekers have been rejected are not appropriate. They have been rejected on the grounds that no one’s secondary marksheet has been uploaded or no one’s higher and graduation marksheet has been uploaded. In this case, there is evidence that all the information was uploaded during the verification of the statements of the job seekers.

Not only that, the guidelines of the commission have said that if no information is available, the commission will inform the job seekers by email. But in this case it was not done. As a result, some of the job seekers started protesting at the central office of the commission after 10 am. They demanded that the commission should submit a complaint letter. However, the commission did not receive any complaint from the job seekers till the afternoon.

On the other hand, the Calcutta High Court this afternoon lifted the stay on the recruitment process for the upper primary. As soon as the suspension was lifted, the protesting job seekers expressed their frustration. The High Court has directed the commission to hear the allegations against the interview list. In this case, the grievance commission of the job seekers will not give importance to it. Although sources said that some of the job seekers may go to the division bench. On the other hand, after getting the green signal in the High Court, the school service commission has taken steps to start the interview process quickly, according to the commission sources.


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