Sourav Ganguly will be a Rajya Sabha MP? Dilip Ghosh gave ‘opinion’!

#Kolkata: Which could have been before the Assembly vote Didi vs. Dada. On Thursday it became Didi and Dada. Yesterday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee went to Behala’s house to greet Sourav Ganguly on his birthday. That Saurabh, who could face Mamata directly on behalf of the BJP in the Assembly polls, sparked strong speculation. But in reality it did not happen. Sourav did not become the face of the BJP. But as soon as Didi went to her grandfather’s house in Laxmibar, the speculation started again. However, the opposite is true. Many in the political arena have speculated that Mamata Banerjee could make Sourav a Rajya Sabha MP. BJP state president Dilip Ghosh opened his mouth as soon as the rumors started.

“If Sourav Ganguly is a Rajya Sabha MP, we have no objection,” Dilip Ghosh said on Friday in the wake of Thursday’s grandparents’ meeting. However, no matter how much the Chief Minister goes to Saurabh’s house to convey his greetings, we know that leaders cannot keep a single foot outside politics. And after this comment of Dilip, the speculation has started again, so has the political movement really started with Saurabh?

Part of the political circles say that this is the first time Mamata Banerjee has visited the house of the Maharaja. So, even if it is a social twist, this greeting tour has also got a bit of political color. Speculation has also started among a section of the Trinamool Congress that the Trinamool leader may have proposed Saurabh to become a Rajya Sabha MP. The two seats vacated by Dinesh Trivedi and Manas Bhuiyan are still vacant. If you bring a face like Saurabh there, Mamata can get dividend before 2024. Although a large part of the grassroots, that possibility is blown away. Instead, they are just wrapping up the visit to Didi’s grandfather’s house.

Though the name is Sourav Ganguly, the speculation is not stopping. The fact that the BJP wanted to face Saurabh in the state assembly polls is not unknown to anyone today. Sources said that even Sourav took advice from various people in this regard. In this situation, Mamata Banerjee has come to power for the third time by winning a huge vote in the state. After that, his meeting with Sourav got another dimension. BJP state president Dilip Ghosh added fuel to the fire by commenting on it.

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