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Kolkata and Jangipur: The newborn got a new life with the skill of the doctors The incident took place in the family of Khadija Khatun in the local village of Jamalpur SSKM doctors performed a complicated operation to swallow her child.

The incident started eight days ago. At home, according to the religious rites, the nose or nostrils of the newborn child were being taught. At that moment the baby cried in pain and somehow he swallowed the nostrils. The whole family was shocked. First he was taken to the local doctors They failed The child was then taken to several nursing homes in Jangipur. But they also returned as incompetent. Sometimes many attempts are made at home to make a nose bar. But all attempts failed.

The 28-day-old newborn began to squirm in pain. By the end, on the advice of a local doctor, they reached SSKM with the child The baby was admitted to the neonatal department on Thursday evening.

A quick physical examination and X-ray showed that the nostrils were stuck in a difficult corner of the airway. Doctors then perform endoscopy and complex risky surgeries. According to them, the nostrils, which are more than one and a half centimeters long, had been stuck in the throat for seven days, leaving the newborn dead. The baby is now safe. Yet he has been kept in the ICU for observation.

Dipankar Roy, Sumon Das, Shubhankar Chakraborty and Amrita Roy, an anesthetist, were on the team at the neonatal surgery department at SSKM Hospital. Doctor Dipankar Roy said, “The condition in which the baby was brought was quite risky. It was a very complicated process to get out of the place where the nostrils were stuck. But we have to take the challenge. From endoscopy to surgery we have been able to quickly remove the nose. We like to put a smile on the faces of children’s families. “

On the other hand, Khadija Khatun, the mother of the newborn baby, cried and said, “I almost gave up hope. I am forever indebted to these doctors for the way they saved my children.”

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