SSKM Sexual Harassment Case: Female doctor accused of sexual harassment! Instruction to transfer two senior doctors in SSKM

#Kolkata: The incident started in 2019. The complaining female doctor joined the Critical Care Unit or CCU department of SSKM Hospital, one of the super specialty hospitals in the state, as a post-doctoral trainee. The doctor’s allegation (Sexual Harassment Allegation), a senior doctor and assistant professor of the department has been constantly giving him bad offers since he joined. Despite being married and the mother of one child, she was repeatedly told by the accused senior doctor to establish a relationship with her. As he did not agree to this evil proposal in any way, he was sexually harassed in various ways.

The woman said she had to work in the department’s 30-hour critical care unit. He was even threatened with ‘ending his career’ if he did not establish a relationship. He was then invited to a medical conference in Hyderabad in December last year for dinner at a hotel. Allegedly, he was sexually harassed there. Even at the hospital, the female doctor complained of holding his hand and touching various parts of his body.

Although she repeatedly complained to the head of the critical care unit about the matter, the female doctor also complained that she did not take any action. Instead, the head of the department tried to cover up the whole matter.

Transfer of two doctors Transfer of two doctors

Subsequently, on January 26 this year, the female doctor lodged a written complaint with the SSKM Hospital authorities. After that the hospital authorities sat motionless. Quickly ICC or Internal Complaints Committee is formed. The ten-member committee questioned the complaining female doctor and the two senior doctors accused, as well as testified by other doctors and students in the department.

Last month, the report of the hospital’s ICC or internal grievance committee was submitted to the hospital authorities. Most of the allegations made by the complainant in the report were true and the two accused doctors were found guilty. In addition, most of the doctors and students in the department testified in support of the complainant. That report was sent to the health department.

Finally, on behalf of the health department, Health Secretary Narayan Swarup Nigam said on Thursday that the whole matter was being taken very seriously. Action will be taken very soon. Later in the evening, instructions were issued from the Salt Lake Health Building that the main accused doctor had been transferred from SSKM Hospital to Sealdah NRS Medical College Hospital and one of the accused departmental head doctors had been transferred to Calcutta Medical College. Incidentally, on March 5, the female doctor lodged an FIR against the two doctors at Bhabanipur police station. The complaining doctor is hopeful that the chargesheet will be submitted from Bhabanipur police station soon.

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