Subrata Mukherjee invites opposition to see performance

#Kolkata: “None of the migrant workers died of starvation here. This is the first time I have worked for 100 days.” Panchayet and Rural Development Minister Subrata Mukherjee responded sharply to the opposition’s criticism. On Friday, he said, “I invited the opposition to come to my office and see the central award for our work.

“Everyone is directly or indirectly involved with the panchayat office. I was involved in making the panchayat law. About Rs 23,960 crore has been allocated for the panchayat office,” said Subrata Mukherjee. Regarding the relationship between the Center and the state at work, the Panchayat Minister said, “Politically, sometimes the Center does not help us, that’s right. Again, many times they come to our side. I am not saying that the Center does not always cooperate with us. In some cases, the center did not help us during such a natural disaster. “

Referring to the issue of migrant workers, Subrata said, “In the case of migrant workers, we have not allowed a single worker to die of starvation. We have engaged everyone in 100 days of work. They are working to build paved dams to prevent floods all over the state.” In this context, Subrata commented, “The Center should have helped us. As Bangladesh is doing.”

Incidentally, he has almost five decades of experience in the field of politics. He first paid in the assembly in 1971. After completing 50 years in 2021, he is still present in the assembly. Thus, Subrata Mukherjee recently opened his mouth with the addition of Governor-BJP. Referring to the hustle and bustle of the assembly, he said that despite seeing the opposition walkout in his 50 years of parliamentary politics, the veteran leader had not seen what happened last Friday, the first day of the assembly session.

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