Bengal BJP | Nisith Pramanik and Shantanu Thakur: Tweet before Nishith-Shantanu takes charge! Confusion spread in Bengal BJP

#Kolkata: On the one hand, the minister is sitting in his house in Delhi. On the other hand, Bengal BJP is tweeting, they have taken responsibility! It is wrong to tweet the news of the swearing in of the Union Ministers! Again, not one, more than one. Seeing such incidents of Bengal BJP, laughter is rising in the net world.

After getting a seat in the cabinet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Nisith Pramanik took charge as the Minister of State for Home Affairs in his office on Thursday. Nishith visited Shastri Bhaban at 11:45 am on Friday and took charge as the Union Minister of State for Youth and Sports. Shantanu Thakur has not yet taken charge as the state minister for ships, ports and waterways. He and former Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonwal will take charge of the ministry next Sunday. However, before realizing the responsibility, the social media team of Banga BJP tweeted the news by mistake.

Banga BJP's pair of tweets is wrong. Banga BJP’s twin tweets
The pair is wrong.

It may be mentioned that despite the announcement of the department, Shantanu Tagore has not yet taken charge as the state minister of ports, shipping and waterways. He will take charge on Sunday. On the other hand, Nishith Pramanik took charge as the Union Minister of State for Youth and Sports on Friday. But on Thursday, Banga BJP tweeted with a picture, Nishith and Shantanu took charge of the ministry yesterday!

According to the BJP, Shantanu Tagore took over as Union Minister of State for Ports, Shipping and Waterways in the presence of Union Minister Arjunram Meghwal.

On the other hand, the minister in charge of the department in which Shantanu is the minister is not Sarbananda Sonwal, but Arjunram Meghwal. Arjunram Meghwal is the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs. So there is no possibility of Shantanu Tagore taking charge under him. Moreover, the picture that Banga BJP has tweeted about taking charge of the ministry is not the office of any ministry. Because the picture shows the portraits of Shyamaprasad Mukherjee and Deendayal Upadhyay, the two founders of Jana Sangh hanging on the wall.

According to sources, Shantanu went to the BJP office last evening before assuming office. The Bengal BJP has also mistakenly posted a picture of him taking charge of the ministry.

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