Chicken & Egg Price Hike || Agnimulya chicken meat-eggs! What is the reason for such a high price? Reporting traders …

#Kolkata: Khasi meat has been out of reach for a long time. Even after the onset of monsoon, hilsa fish is still an alien object to the middle class. Meanwhile, the price of poultry, chicken and eggs has started to increase.

Petrol has already made a century. Diesel is also moving very fast towards the century. Its overall impact on the market. The prices of every vegetable have gone up in an unusual way. But over the past week, the record price of chicken has risen, leaving everyone behind. On Saturday, the price of poultry meat was Rs 250 per kg in Goriyahat market. In the Hatibagan market in North Kolkata, chicken has been sold at Rs 240 per kg. Transportation costs have risen due to rising petroleum prices. As a result, the price of poultry has already gone up. But what is the reason for the increase in the price of meat in one leap?

Madan Mohan Maiti, general secretary of the West Bengal Poultry Federation, said, “Suddenly the prices of soybean and maize, the staple food of poultry, have more than doubled. Earlier, the price of one kg of soybean was 30 to 35 rupees. Which has now exceeded Rs. As a result, production costs have increased by 60 to 65 percent. The increase in the price of meat is due to the increase in transportation costs. But what is the reason for the increase in soybean and corn prices? Madan Mohan Maiti claims, ‘Production for Corona has been low. So this is the situation. ‘ He fears that next November will be a new crop of corn and soybeans. If you wait for that long, the price of poultry will skyrocket. As a result, the government has to take action as soon as possible. Madan Mohanbabu said, “We have to stop exporting soybean and maize from the country now and import as much as we can.”

A huge amount of fish from Andhra Pradesh comes to this state every day. That fish is also out of reach due to lockdown and increase in petrol and diesel prices. If the price of poultry chicken increases at this rate, will Bengalis eat it?


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