Fake CBI Sanatan’s BJP Connection || Fake CBI traditional lotus-yoga is clear! Letters of BJP-Vishwa Hindu Parishad officials confiscated during search

#Kolkata: Kolkata Police has found evidence of BJP involvement of Sanatan Roy Chowdhury in the Goriyahat case. Kolkata police confiscated BJP’s Yoga and Vishwa Hindu Parishad function certificates and multiple documents. There is evidence of direct links with the BJP and the World Hindu Council, the police claim.

According to police sources, Sanatan was interrogated and more than one piece of evidence was found. A letter written by Krishna Bhattacharya, former Vice President of West Bengal BJP and Election Committee Member, has been confiscated, where evidence of his direct association with Sanatan has been found. He even wrote a book about this traditional law, which is mentioned in the letter. Police confiscated a copy of the letter or certificate written on July 16, 2016.

On the other hand, in a letter or document written by Chandranath Das, Vice President of the South Bengal World Hindu Council (VHP), there is evidence that Sanatan Roy Chowdhury was associated with the World Hindu Council. The police also confiscated the certificate dated June 25, 2016. In other words, there is evidence of Sanatan Roy Chowdhury’s arrest in Goriyahatkand with BJP Yoga and Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the police claimed. Earlier, Sanatan was seen in the film with BJP leader Rudranil Ghosh. But Rudranil said, “Five years ago, when I was introduced as a lawyer, I took a picture. But those who drive around in blue light cars with the identity of a fake government official like Sanatan need severe punishment.”

But this time, not only the picture of the BJP leader, but also the evidence of communication with the BJP and the World Hindu Council has been found. All those documents are being examined. Traditionally participated in the BRICS Conference and Indo-Japan Business Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa as an Indian delegate. How is it possible to go to that event? Sanatan reached through whom? How did a bogus government official like Sanatan arrive without the permission and protocol of the central government to participate in those events as an Indian representative? Goriyahat police station is looking into these issues.

It is to be noted that Sanatan claims to the police that he has visited London, South Africa or any other country repeatedly. Repeatedly going abroad requires a lot of money. Where is the source of that income? Where did so much money come from? To find out, the police are looking at Sanatan’s bank account. The police will check Sanatan’s account. How many accounts are there in his name? The police will talk to the bank authorities soon to know that.


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