Finally private bus on the street, lotus suffering! Complaints of overcharging

#Kolkata: The weekend finally came to an end of bus suffering. The number of private buses on Kolkata and suburban roads increased on Friday. As a result, the city dwellers were relieved from the pain of suffering during the busy hours of the day. At the same time, however, there were allegations of charging extra fares from passengers on most bus routes without a government-approved fare list.

16, 18A, 12C, 12C / 1, airport disputed bugs and more bus routes in the city without any list approved by the government to collect more fares from passengers. Rahul Chatterjee, general secretary of the All Bengal Bus Minibus Coordinating Association, admitted the allegation of arbitrary fares on such routes in the city. “We have received such allegations. The matter needs to be looked into. The bus owners’ association does not approve of extra fares in the process,” he said.

Titu Saha, general secretary of City Suburban Bus Services, said, “If there is any specific allegation of extra fare, it will be investigated and action will be taken.” However, in many cases, Titu Saha admitted that there was an incident of taking more fare from the passengers through application.

According to a section of city commuters, the skyrocketing price of fuel oil does not make it difficult to pay a little more. But the complaint alleges unbridled bus fares on several routes. Swapan Ghosh, general secretary of the Minibus Operators Association, said, “Additional fares have been charged on one or two routes. However, it is on the basis of an application to the passengers.

On the other hand, the members of the Joint Council of Bus Syndicates sat among themselves on Friday. On behalf of the organization, General Secretary Tapan Bandyopadhyay said, “There is no alternative but to increase the bus fare. Therefore, the government will be asked to reconsider the decision to increase the bus fare.” At the same time, Tapan Banerjee applied for a low interest loan from the Cooperative Bank.

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