Fraudsters in the name of getting loans behind call centers in Rajarhat, CID nabs caught


#Kolkata: Fraud cycle by opening illegal call centers. After receiving the complaint, CID launched an operation in Rajarhat. 12 arrested. Fraud in the name of getting a personal loan from a home loan or car loan. According to CID sources, the fraudulent cycle was going on by opening an illegal call center in Rajarhat. On July 2, a complaint was lodged with the CID’s Cyber ​​Crime Police Station. The two were first arrested on that basis. A CID official claimed that the pandas of this gang were found by interrogating the suspects. A total of 12 people including Ishwar Chandra Das, Kaushik Patnaik, Swapan Sheel and Bappa Kole have been arrested.

How is the cheating going? According to the detectives, the names of various private banks and insurance companies were called. The loan would be given or insured, along with tempting offers. Those who need loans, if they contact later, would start cheating. To get the loan, the account number was given for the processing fee. Even if you put money in that account, the service does not match. That means that person has been cheated. The work of this cycle has been going on for a year. The CID claims that many people have been cheated.

Forty mobile phones and multiple documents were seized in the raid on the illegal call center. The search for the rest of those involved in this cycle continues. Investigations so far have revealed that some of the detainees were previously associated with the insurance company. This fraud cycle is planned after losing the job there. Since they had previously worked for an insurance company, many customers had contact numbers and information. Detectives claim that the experience of that work is also used here. Detectives want to take the detainees into their custody and start searching for the rest.

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