Fuel Price Hike: Protest against fuel price hike! Debashish Kumar, Mala Roy, Firhad Hakim at Rasbihari corner!

#Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress (Trinamool Congress) has decided to hold a two-day protest in every ward of the city to protest against the unbridled increase in petrol, diesel and gas prices. In the city of Kolkata, processions and mass rallies are going on in every ward. Rasbihari MLA Debasish Kumar joined the rally at Rasbihari on Saturday. The area parliamentarian is Mala Roy and the state minister is Firhad Hakim. The presence of the state grassroots trio was eye-catching.

From the very beginning of the day, the crowd in front of the meeting stage, especially the women, was eye-catching. He was accompanied by a crowd of passers-by. Suddenly many stood up and listened to the speech. At the moment, the price of fuel oil and gas in India is so high, from the common middle class to the rich, everyone’s confidence is rising. With the rise in petrol-diesel prices, the prices of petroleum products have gone up. The state government has not yet allowed any trader to apply the increased price. Q, but how long is it?

Minister Firhad Hakim lauded the times of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh, starting with Jaharlal Nehru, saying that Narendra Modi had not promised to pay Rs 15 lakh to the bank in the last ten years and had increased the price of petrol and diesel. Firhad Hakim reminded us of Manvantar in India. In his words, “At the moment, people’s livelihood is at an all-time low. The price of everything is on fire. How can ordinary people survive?” Mala Roy and Debashish Kumar have the same question.

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