Kolkata Petrol price 101 rupees BJP Leader Dilip Ghosh says no protest can decrease rate | 101 petrol in Kolkata! Movement will not reduce prices: Dilip Ghosh – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Khas has scored a century in Kolkata Petrol (Petrol Price in Kolkata). You have to buy 1 liter of black gold at a cost of 101 rupees 1 paise. There is no possibility of a reduction in oil prices, says Banijyamahal. In this situation, the Trinamool is going to protest by using the price of petroleum products as a tool. And BJP state president Dilip Ghosh mocking the Trinamool’s plan and making it clear that the price of petroleum products cannot be reduced by agitation.

According to Dilip Ghosh, the Bharatiya Janata Party has taken to the streets. Moving inside the assembly, moving outside. Seeing that, they also want to do it. The CPM was also trying to do something. Till today, the price of petroleum products has not decreased due to the movement.

Dilip Ghosh’s argument will not solve the problem in this way. “Prices are unlikely to come down. Prices can come down only if there is a stabilization of oil prices in the international market. They go up as they see fit,” he told reporters.

Rising prices of petroleum products are directly affecting the pockets of the middle class. In this regard, the ruling party of the state is also thinking of a larger anti-center movement. That’s when Dilip Ubach said, “I want to know what they think about the vaccine scandal and the violence. The central government pays 44% of the tax to the state. They also collect the tax separately. The center gets a total of 20-22 rupees. They are about 40 rupees.” They are getting money. If they reduce it, the price of petrol will go down. “

Incidentally, the Trinamool is marching across the state today and tomorrow in protest of the rise in prices of petroleum products under the direction of the Trinamool Supreme. Protests will be held in 294 seats of the state. MLA ministers will also be on the way. The protest will continue in accordance with the coronation rules. Not only on the way, the Trinamool is preparing to take this to the Lok Sabha tomorrow.

Dilip Ghosh is saying this protest program, seeing them, the Trinamool is also taking the path of pseudo movement. The middle class is oppressed. Leaders are constantly on the move.

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