Lord Jagannath, Balram and Goddess Subhadra would be traveling in a convoy of 15 vehicles arc50 years ago

Kolkata: Jagannath Dev will go to his aunt’s house in a four-wheeler convoy, not in a chariot. With Balaram and Subhadra. Instead of a well-equipped chariot, the gods and goddesses will ride in a Ford Hyundai Audi. Jagannath Deb will go to his aunt’s house in a petrol car worth Rs 100 instead of pulling the ropes of the fans.

Kolkata ISKCON Rathayatra. Kolkata police pilot car escort. This fancy rath yatra will start after the offerings and aarti given by the Chief Minister. The convoy of this fancy chariot will go to the Gundicha temple of Aunty’s house after 12 noon on Monday. The 2021 Kolkata ISKCON Golden Jubilee Rath Yatra will be held in a convoy of 15 vehicles from Albert Road to Gurusoday Road.

Jagannath Balaram and Subhadra will go to aunt’s house after two years. Jagannath Dev Balaram and Subhadra went to Aunty’s house for the last time in the 2019 Rath Yatra. Thus, Jagannath Deb visits his aunt’s house only once a year. And around him is our rath yatra festival.

Kolkata ISKCON authorities suggest viewing virtual rath yatra in case of covid epidemic. Decorated on Kolkata ISKCON’s YouTube and Facebook pages and various news channels.

Hon’ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated the ISKCON Rath Jatra in Kolkata every year by pulling the rope with her own hands. In the current situation, he and Virtual will see ISKCON’s chariot ride. Jagannath Balaram and Subhadra will reach Aunty’s house on Monday. According to the Corona rules, Jagannath Darshan can be done at aunt’s house from four to eight in the afternoon. However, the number of visitors or fans will be very limited. Jagannath Dev will return to the Kolkata ISKCON temple on Albert Road from his aunt’s house on Tuesday, July 20. Similarly, a convoy of 15 vehicles escorted by Kolkata police.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Rath Jatra of the Calcutta ISKCON Temple. Radharman Das, vice-president of the Kolkata ISKCON temple, said the 50th anniversary celebrations had been planned for the past seven years. The procession was planned to cover the three-kilometer route in the same way as the Durga Puja carnival is held on Red Road. The real situation of the second wave of Corona and the fear of the third wave poured water on these plans.

What was in the plan of the ISKCON authorities! There were plans to bring Flying Hanuman from America. This Hanuman balloon was placed in front of the chariot for a distance of three kilometers as an attraction for the common people. Twelve hundred fans used to come from 150 countries of the world. Who used to chant in their own language. Various cultural exhibitions were also organized throughout the procession. This time in Calcutta, the carnival of the Rath Yatra festival was seen in the same way as the procession of Durga Puja sitting on the roadside on Red Road.

For the time being, the ISKCON authorities have canceled that plan and organized a fancy chariot ride. No fan will pull the rope of the chariot even if it is a chariot journey. In fact, the administration will not allow the fans to gather. A convoy of police pilot cars and Jagannath Balaram and Subhadra Devi cars will run from the ISKCON temple on Albert Road to Gundicha temple or aunt’s house i.e. Gurusadaya Dutt

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