Nowshad Siddiqui got a big responsibility in the assembly, News18 expressed his anger over not getting the post.

#Kolkata: News18Bangla expressed the anger of Nowshad Siddiqui who did not get a place in any committee. Finally, the Speaker nominated Nowshad Siddiqui, the only MLA of ISF leader and United Front, as the chairperson of the MLA Area Development Planning Committee. Nowshad is naturally happy to get the responsibility. “It’s a big debt to me. It’s an important committee. I want to work with everyone,” he said.

Nowshad added, “In every assembly, MLA Lad has to spend money. It is my responsibility to look into it. I will try to fulfill the responsibility given to me. I will take every step with the advice of the youngest, the oldest.”

A couple of weeks ago, Nowshad told News18 about his anger. Although others got seats in various committees, Nawshad did not get a place in 41 committees till then. The question naturally arises as to why this inequality! Not getting a seat in any committee in the assembly was not only discriminatory on the question of rights, but also on the question of financial loss of Nowshad. At the moment, legislators get a salary of Rs 21,060 in today’s market, which is considered to be a very ordinary salary. But the main source of their income is committee meetings. Most legislators become members of multiple committees. If they participate in the meeting, they get 2000 rupees as allowance. In this way the average income is 60 thousand rupees. In other words, a legislator can earn 81,060 rupees in a straightforward way. In the case of Nowshad, not having a place in any committee will make him financially behind other MLAs, this fear was raised by News18. Nowshad then said, “It is my right to be on the committee. Now neither the government nor the opposition has contacted me in such a way.” The arrogant ISF leader did not want to complain to anyone about this. He only expressed his anger in front of us.

Recalling that day, Nowshad said, “Yes, I expressed my anger through you. My gratitude has reached the right place through you.”

Mukul Roy was nominated as PAC yesterday. According to Nowshad, “People from the opposition should be nominated for the post. The importance of the PC is very high. More consideration should have been given. People will question this.”

Nowshad stood for the first time and won from Bhangar in South 24 Parganas. This representative of the Left-Cong Hein Morcha in the assembly is the sapphire of the Morcha. As usual, Nowshad received a smile on his face.

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