The doors of Mahesh Jagannath temple were opened and special pujo was going on since morning

#Kolkata: The doors of Mahesh Jagannath temple were opened at 5.30 am as per the rules. Special resolution pujo has been going on since morning. After that there will be home, inauguration, eye donation and life pujo. This year’s Rath Jatra festival will have to follow the Kovid rules.

Not a wooden chariot like Puri. Not separate chariots like Jagannath, Balaram or Subhadra. The chariot is the same here. Here the chariot is made of iron. The 138-year-old chariot is still worshiped at Mahesh in Hughli district. Mahesh’s Rath Yatra festival is 624 years old. This chariot, about 50 feet high, used to be made of wood. However, for a long time, the chariot began to erode as it was revered. Mahesh’s family has long been in touch with the Basu family in Shyambazar. They are the servants of Jagannath temple. They wish to build a new chariot. It was decided 136 years ago that the wooden chariot would be replaced. It was then decided that the chariot would be iron instead of wood. That chariot is still being worshiped

The 138-year-old chariot cost 20,000 rupees to build at that time. This chariot of Mahesh is known as Nilachal. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has participated in this chariot ride more than once. He named Mahesh Nab Nilachal. Accordingly, Mahesh’s chariot is known as Nilachal Rath. Soumen Adhikari, the chief attendant of the temple, said, “Historians joined Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Dev in this chariot ride. History is involved in every part of this chariot.” Every year a special pujo is performed in this chariot after placing Jagannath, Balarama, Subhrada. That pujo is known as Damodar pujo. Rath pujo is performed here. In this three-storied chariot where Jagannath-Balram-Suvrada ‘is placed in other years, this time there is a picture under the chariot. Everyone is worshiping there. However, the chariot has been arranged. Mahesh’s family does not want to leave any gap in his worship even if the rope of the chariot is not pulled. Not only Rath, but also Mahesh enjoys special enjoyment on special days. Polao, khichuri, aluradam, dhonkar dalna, paneer and payes are enjoyed here in the chariot ride. From the straight chariot to the reverse chariot, Jagannath-Balram-Subhrada is given a variety of dishes every day.

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