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#Kolkata: The number of buses on the road is less than required On top of that, taxis and app cabs will not be on their way to Kolkata on July 26 due to multiple demands including fare hike The decision was taken by the App Cab Operators Forum and the West Bengal Taxi Co-ordination Committee. On that day, taxi and app cab drivers will take part in the transport campaign That is why most taxis and app cabs will not provide services on city streets

Taxi owners and drivers, like bus owners’ organizations, have also demanded a fare increase They claim that at the rate at which diesel prices are rising, it is virtually impossible to get cars on the old rented roads. Again, app cab drivers complain that service providers like Ola-Uber are depriving them in various ways. So they are also taking to the streets in protest

Ordinary passengers, however, experience another 6 They complained that ordinary taxis have almost stopped going to the meter In most cases, the taxi drivers do not accept the fare set by the government and drive the fare as they wish And now with fewer buses on the road and local trains and metro services closed, the public is increasingly dependent on taxis and app cabs. And on that occasion, most of the taxi drivers are demanding arbitrary fare The same allegation is being made in the case of autos as well as in the case of app cabs. Overall, the government and private transport owners, drivers and ordinary people are falling prey to the tug-of-war. After all, if taxis and app cabs are not really on the streets on the 26th, the suffering of the people will increase a little more.

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