TMC Mouthpiece Jago Bangla to emerge with fresh makeover

#Kolkata: The Trinamool is going to give new surprises on July 21 on Martyrs’ Day. Trinamool’s weekly mouthpiece Jago Bangla will become a daily from this day. Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee himself posted the statement. Abhishek wrote, “Jago Bangla has been highlighting the minds of the people since its birth. Besides, this paper has taken place in the minds of the people of the state by highlighting the foresight of Mamata Banerjee.

According to Trinamool sources, this time Jago Bangla will take the form of a daily newspaper in Attapur. It will have daily news like the market newspaper. There will be thorough updates of country and foreign news. There will also be various types of answer editorials.

The CPM had an undisputed role in popularizing the party’s mouthpiece as a daily newspaper. At the corner of the street, at the stand where newspapers are kept, there is a mass of people. There was also a demand for mass power among the readers. However, the demand for mass power has decreased over time. Jago Bangla wants to occupy that place. The weekly newspaper published from Trinamool Bhaban had about 70,000 subscribers in 2011 alone. Gradually it has increased. Perth Chatterjee was in charge of editing the paper. The Chief Minister himself has repeatedly written in this Jago Bangla.

Even the Chief Minister’s emotional anxieties about the Corona situation have repeatedly surfaced in this paper. Political circles believe that Mamata Banerjee, a perfect observer of public life, has been able to use this paper very well for public relations.

In the meantime, the grassroots has grown in size. Trinamool has come to Mamata for the third time after throwing away all speculations in the 2021 elections. But when she came to power, the Trinamool leader did not want to delay the work of public relations or increasing the land under the feet of the organization. And the Shiv Sena, the organizer of the RSS, is in the all-India context as an example of how effective the party’s mouthpiece can be in that endeavor. There is mass power in Bengal. The grassroots are ready to follow that model of the future.

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