TMC Protest against Fuel Price hike | Trinamool on the streets from today with the price of oil, the video of the tool in the net world

#Kolkata: Today and tomorrow, the Trinamool is taking to the streets across the state to protest against the rise in prices of petroleum products. Protests will continue in 294 constituencies of the state. All party ministers and legislators have been asked to take to the streets in protest. Besides, grassroots youth organizations are also taking to the streets as a tool on this issue. Firhad Hakim and Perth Chatterjee will be on the way on the first day. And a video of Atal Bihari Vajpayee himself is the tool of the Trinamool to make this protest a success in Netdunia. In 1983, when the price of oil went up by 7 paise, he went to the Parliament House in a bullock cart. That video is now viral on social media courtesy of Trinamool.

Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien shared the video once again on the day and announced the program for the next two days. According to sources, grassroots leaders and activists will protest in front of all petrol pumps across the state. The work of collecting mass signatures will also continue. The grassroots top leadership has instructed to carry out all the programs in accordance with the Kovid rules.

Petrol prices have been rising steadily in Kolkata for the last 40 days. There is a direct pull in the middle class pocket. The prices of daily necessities are also increasing. The Trinamool wants to use this issue on a larger platform. On the one hand, just as every MLA-leader will be on his way to his own district, the Trinamool wants to take the issue to the Lok Sabha in the upcoming Badal session. In that case, Abhishek Banerjee is in the parliament room.

He has already written a letter to Narendra Modi himself, proposing to reduce fuel taxes. In the letter, Mamata gave clear statistics that petrol prices have gone up six times in May. In June, the price has increased a total of 6 times. In the first week of July, the price of petrol increased 4 times. Besides, he has also tied the center with cess. The political circles think that he will raise more tone on this issue in the coming days. The grassroots political strategy is to quickly take a position of opposition on the issue of the masses since the time of the note. This time too he is not doing otherwise.

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