Who is responsible for the maintenance of National Highway 34? Perth-Ashoka Tarja

#Kolkata: National Highway 34 is one of the lifelines of communication between North Bengal and South Bengal. It is now known as National Highway 12. Ashok Lahiri, a BJP MLA and economist from Balurghat, told the assembly that the long stretch of the road was in disrepair. Perth Chatterjee, on behalf of the state, said the National Roads Authority was responsible for maintaining the road. There is no point in blaming the state for digging roads He said the condition of the roads in the state is good. Incidentally, Ashok Babu complained that he suffered on the way from Kolkata to his constituency Balurghat. However, the National Roads Authority (NRA) has said that work on the 64-km stretch of road from Barasat to Krishnanagar has been stalled for 10 years. Meetings with the state are held several times almost every year. But due to the delay in cutting the tangle, the work is severely damaged. Of these, the contractor has changed twice. So far, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has not fully acquired land in the North 24 Parganas district, 16 km from Barasat. So no one knows when the road expansion will take place in this part.

RHA Singh, General Manager, NHAI, said, “Work on a four-lane stretch from Barjagulia to Krishnanagar has started from last year. In addition, patch work has been asked to be completed in areas where the roads have deteriorated.” Work is still stuck, one of them is Krishnanagar to Bahrampur Work is underway on 6 km of this 11 km road. However, due to the rain, the work is being delayed. Land has not yet been matched for work in the 4 km section. As a result, work is stuck in this part as well. The next part of it is stuck in different places till Malda. Work did not start as a result of the collapse of the new bridge in Farakka Work is stuck in some places due to land problems in Malda bypass. The contractor had a problem. Because they could not start work as they did not get land for a long time

However, the NHAI said that the work on the land fair from Malda to Raiganj has been completed. Dalkhola bypass work will be completed in 2021. The rest of the work between Raiganj and Dalkhola will be completed in 2022. RP Singh said, “We have nothing to do if the land issue is not resolved. I am repeatedly requesting the state to address this issue. Otherwise, the common man will have to suffer.”

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