Adhir Chowdhury: I woke up in the morning to see ‘Mahalaya’, my mind was not full! Wait tonight …

#Kolkata: He is a complete politician. But the Brazil-Argentina game is also a stage like the Copa America final, so there is no way to miss it. That is why Adhir Chowdhury, the president of the provincial Congress, was watching TV in the morning. He also witnessed the duality of Messi vs Neymar. But that game could not win the mind of the impatient. Rather than Copper, he is now more reliant on tonight’s Italy-England Euro Cup final.

However, the president of the provincial congress did not stop analyzing the haircut with the Copper final. He said, ‘The mahalaya of Bengalis has been called since yesterday, so it is today. Everybody’s eyes are on the TV screen in the morning. ‘ Adhir Chowdhury will be excluded from seeing that ‘mahalaya’. He watched the game with his mind but his mind was not full. He said after watching the game, “I didn’t like it. But it’s like watching De Maria’s goal. Brazil relied on Neymar, but blocked. Just went dribbling. Not open. I hope the night game will be good, let’s see. ‘

The Copa America is known as the oldest football competition in the world. Although football was born in England, it has given shape to Latin America. Europe has taken football to the business stage, but Latin America has brought it closer to the industry. Football has always been divided into two continents. Speed, energy dependent football in Europe. And there is only beauty and rhythm in Latin American football. And the name of the wealth of that genre is Leo Messi.

Lionel Messi did not win the 2014 World Cup, although he took Argentina to the final. Copa America has never been won before. Many said so, this time, never. That is, the last chance was at Messi’s feet. He took advantage of that opportunity. He won himself, he also won Maradona. However, the football god faded in the final. Which made many people feel sad in joy. Adhir Chowdhury was not left out either.

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