Babul Supriyo Following Mukul Roy and TMC || Babul Supriya started following Mukul Roy and TMC on Twitter! Smell begins …

#Kolkata: He has lost the ministry for a few days. Babul Supriya was showing some kind of indifference towards politics. Then suddenly, Babul Supriya started following Mukul Roy Trinamool Congress on Twitter. The whole thing has already gone viral. However, neither side wanted to comment on this. However, this silence cannot stop the speculation.

A few days ago, Narendra Modi reshuffled his cabinet. He said in his mouth that he should emphasize on youth. Practicing in the political arena, he is actually calculating the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. As a result, the names of the ministers have been omitted in many websites. Political analysts also say that the Prime Minister did not focus on youth, but on performance. Because Babul Supriya is actually young, he cannot be left out in the argument of youth. Many were saying that Babylon’s name had been cut off because the numbers were bad. Then in the last few days Babul Supriya was almost silent. As if he had kept some distance from politics.

In a recent post on Facebook, he opened his mouth about going to the ministry. He said, “I am very happy to thank all those who are sympathizing with me.” I did not get so many messages even in 6 years when I was a minister. It was understood that Babul did not want sympathy for this issue. Words were growing. Some were saying that he might get away from this political circle and go back to music. Babul was also seen posting his own songs. But this new activity shows that Babul is not leaving the field. But the question is, will he do politics from the BJP, or can he change the jersey?

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