Chandana Bauri: ‘Everyone should have children with milk and rice’, says Chandana

Kolkata: The story of his struggle, his perseverance, the story of his rise has fascinated everyone. Shaltora BJP MLA Chandana Bauri. He has been attending the Assembly Session for the last one and a half weeks as per the rules. Went regularly to MLAs’ classes. Still, the mind is still in the dark room of the one-room house in Saltora, Bankura. She came to Calcutta with her husband but left her only child at home. Finally, ‘Mother’ Chandana has returned to that babu at the moment’s opportunity! He himself shared the picture of the child on social media and the indescribable joy of the moment.

From Shaltora to Calcutta. Distance is not so much physical as it is emotional. After winning the arena of politics, MLA Chandana started trying to recognize Kolkata. Chandanar, who has just become a new MLA, is trying to adapt to the new rules, life, diary. But the mind did not cry for the child left at home? Posted a picture of the child and wrote #missyou. He said he would run to Babu as soon as the assembly was over. This time Chandana is full of joy and excitement after getting that child. Returning home, he posted the picture with the child on his lap, smiling. Again he wrote ‘Cute Children’ in English letters.

Going to share the joy, Chandana Bauri said, “I feel very good. How many days later I came to see my father. I caressed him a lot. I don’t want to leave him anywhere.” But as the saying goes, whoever cooks, he also ties his hair. So he returned home to oversee the development of the area. Chandana wants to give the first thought to the construction of roads and ghats in Shaltora. The BJP MLA, who has already done his homework on the work plan, also has a plan to provide water to the people of the area as soon as possible. Chandana Bauri wants to be vocal with all the MLAs in the assembly on all these issues.

The poorest BJP MLA has pledged to stand by the people of the area. He is responsible for fulfilling the dreams of many more children in the area. Chandana’s name has repeatedly surfaced in the headlines since the announcement of the BJP’s poorest candidate list. Even from the very beginning of the campaign, the little girl caught everyone’s eye. One day, Chandana’s diary of a laborer’s wife and children was different from the other five candidates. Chandana, who has been campaigning in the neighborhood day and night after eating panta, wants all the children to be in milk and rice.

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