Fuel Price Hike TMC Protest: Trinamool on the way today || Kunal’s question at the petrol pump, Joy Sriram says it will match cheaply?

#Kolkata: Trinamool is still protesting across the state in protest of petrol-diesel price hike. Trinamool ministers and MLAs have taken to the streets. Members of the Trinamool Youth Organization also joined the protest. Trinamool activists staged a fancy protest from Canning on Saturday. Somewhere the empty gas cylinders were pressed on the shoulders, somewhere again in the horse carriage the grassroots leaders and activists preached. Even today, in 294 centers, there is continuous opposition to the Kovid rule.

Panchayat Minister and Trinamool leader Subrata Mukherjee appeared on the dharna stage of Pak Circus this morning. He said that they (BJP) are punishing the people as they are ashamed of losing. Production prices have not increased. Politically putting pressure on people is the politics of revenge. If necessary, I will go to Delhi and protest.

On the other hand, newly elected MLA Aditi Munshi joined the fancy protest in Baguihati. There, grassroots activists used old-fashioned fuel instead of cooking gas to hand out food to passers-by. Aditi said the way the Center is increasing the price of petrol-diesel, the price of cooking gas, people have to go back again. People have no choice.

Meanwhile, Trinamool state secretary Kunal Ghosh came with people to protest at a petrol pump in Kankurgachhi. He asked the pump workers, if Joy Sriram says, will petrol be cheaper? As soon as the answer was negative, Kunal Ghosh told the media that Joy would not mix Sriram with the struggle of life. The BJP is actually killing us in the fight for survival. Trinamool wants to save people. Stay by the side of Trinamool.

On this day, women grassroots activists staged a fancy protest in Katwa. Led by Rabindranath Chatterjee, the supporters were seen riding in bullock carts to observe their program. Besides, it was seen that the vehicle led by Shankar Dalui was dragged with a rope at Ghatal.

Not until these two days, until the prices of petrol, diesel, cooking gas and kerosene come under control, the movement will continue through various programs, said Trinamool general secretary Perth Chatterjee. He also warned of a bigger movement in the coming days. Perth Chatterjee complained, ‘Petrol has crossed the century. Diesel is also at the doorstep of the century. The price of cooking gas is skyrocketing. The price of kerosene is also high. In this dire situation, the Center is working hard to control prices. We are not moving away from the path of movement. Rising prices of petroleum products have naturally affected the market as well. But there is no holdol at the center ‘. Perth Chatterjee also slammed the Center, saying, “The reasoning of the Center for this price hike is not correct as the prices of petroleum products have gone up in the world market. With proper information, Parthababu explained that the price of oil in the world market is much lower now. But the price of fuel is going up every day.

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