JMB Terrorists in Kolkata: Two militants hid in the city for two months! Table of sabotage or another plan?

#Kolkata: This time explosive information about the JMB militants captured in Bharadupur in the city is in the hands of STF. STF DC Aparajita’s verdict said that these three militants were in Kolkata for about two months. They were earning by selling mosquito nets and fruits. According to STF sources, they were in charge of fund collection and recruitment of JMB.

Last but not least, the Kolkata police think that apart from these three, there are several other heads involved in this cycle. It is being investigated who helped them to get rent and raise money. The three militants were found with the phone number of a large-scale JMB leader named Al-Amin. The tainted criminal Al Amin is currently imprisoned in Bangladesh. Kolkata Police is contacting Bangladesh Police to seek information about this contact.

The memory of Khagragarh is still fresh in the minds of the people of the state. Kolkata police are still unsure whether members of the JMB group involved in the incident were plotting sabotage in the three militant cities of Kolkata. However, the false documents recovered from them say that they came to Calcutta with the intention of staying permanently.

Of the 3 militants arrested, Nazi is a tainted criminal. Naziur has already been imprisoned in Bangladesh. It is believed that he had contact with Al Amin in jail. He had rented a house from Jayaram dealer named Joker. The information says that another name of this Naziur is Joseph. He was the head of the team.

Several jihadi documents have already been recovered from the militant. A mobile phone was recovered where the numbers of several Jamaat leaders were found. One of the members of this team, Sabbir, has been known to run a continuous jihadi campaign on Facebook.

The STF team of Lalbazar raided Alipore MG Road on Sunday around 2pm after receiving information through sources. The arrested are Naziur Rahman alias Jayram, Sabbir alias Nikhil Kant and Rabiul Islam (22). They are residents of Gopalganj, Bangladesh.

-Input Sukant Majumdar

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