Messi Neymar: Football wins, Messi-Neymar hug is the best scene in the Copa final!

# Brazil: Finally, the ‘curse’ is Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi, who came on the field to win the Copa for the country, finally grabbed the coveted trophy. Despite being a bit lackluster in the final, Messi has once again been able to mesmerize everyone with his performance throughout the tournament. With four goals and five assists in the tournament, LM10 outperformed others in those two categories. And as soon as the last whistle of the final match was blown, the prince of football covered his face with tears. A cry of joy, of receiving. Many people say, that scene at the end of the match is the real frame of the Copa final!

Although many residents of the net neighborhood say, no, in the end, football wins everyone. And it was understood, Messi and Neymar hugging scene. Neymar cried with difficulty as the final whistle blew. Naturally, who can easily take the defeat in the final on the soil of the country. However, Neymar overcame that frustration in a short time.

After that Neymar went ahead to Messi. Messi, the trophy winner, went ahead to see the ‘friend’. The hug started. That hug lasted so long, many thought it was the best scene of the Copa final. Where receiving a friend grew out of his own defeat. However, according to some, the way Messi was picked up by his teammates and thrown into the sky as soon as the final whistle blew, the scene cannot be forgotten. Many remembered the scene where Kohli met Sachin Tendulkar after winning the Cricket World Cup.

How many frames, how many smiles, how many tears – Leo Messi picked up the Copa America trophy out of all the calculations. Just as De Maria’s goal in the 21st minute of the match brought the trophy to Argentina, so did Leo Messi’s ‘curse’.

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