Park hotel Arrest | Not only the party that broke the rules, but also the drug den Park Hotel, the forensic team in the investigation

#Kolkata: The weekend party had been going on for some time, breaking Corona’s rules on the third and fourth floors of the Park Hotel. Police have arrested 37 people in connection with the incident today. This is not the end, the police think that this party is a drug den.

The forensic team reached the Park Hotel at around 3 in the afternoon to investigate the matter. With some of the gangsters of Lalbazar. Lalbazar was shaken after receiving allegations that drugs were being used at the party. The forensic team came to the Park Hotel to collect the samples of the drugs. According to sources, they collected samples for more than an hour and a half. Forensic expert Tanmoy Mukherjee has collected several suspicious samples. His chemicals will be tested. Meanwhile, the hotel authorities have been called to Lalbazar. Besides, several women were present at the party. Although they were not arrested, they were called to Lalbazar.

Kolkata police raided the Park Hotel on Saturday night, alleging that the party was going on day after day by playing loudspeakers at the elite hotel in Kolkata, ignoring the Corona rules. 36 people were arrested. Hotel authorities have also been called.

It is learned that the news that the party is going on like this at the Park Hotel went to the police through secret sources. A team of 50 people led by three IPS officers conducted a search operation late on Saturday night. Then the party was in full swing. Loudspeakers were also running. The police arrested the rest immediately. Several expensive cars, including a Mercedes, were recovered from the scene.

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