Park Hotel: Corona-Kale ‘fancy’ party organized at Park Hotel, 36 arrested in police raid!

#Kolkata: Ignoring the Corona rules, partying day after day by playing loudspeakers in the elite hotel of Kolkata! Kolkata police arrested 36 people from Park Hotel on that serious charge. Allegedly, the party was going on in this five-star hotel in the city without heeding the Kovid rules. Police raided the Park Hotel late Saturday night. The 36 people were partying there under the influence of alcohol. Police arrested them. Hotel authorities have also been called.

It is learned that the news that the party is going on like this at the Park Hotel went to the police through secret sources. A team of 50 people led by three IPS officers conducted a search operation late on Saturday night. Then the party was in full swing. Loudspeakers were also running. The police arrested the rest immediately. Several expensive cars, including a Mercedes, were recovered from the scene.

Allegedly, when the police went to search the hotel, they tried to obstruct their work. After that, the 36 people were arrested on the charge of obstructing the work of government employees along with the anti-trafficking law. It is alleged that the accused got into a scuffle with the police. A case has been filed against the arrested persons under the non-bailable section.

According to sources, police have so far seized a number of items including cannabis, liquor and multiple mobile phones during a search of the Park Hotel. Multiple items have been confiscated, including a DJ sound box. Police have already found out that the party was already going on, not just on Saturday. The detainees will be taken to court today.

According to sources, the party was going on on the second and third floors of the Park Hotel on Saturday night. Initially, the police came to know that the party was run in the name of booking a room in the hotel. As a result, the hotel authorities will also be questioned this time.

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