Symbolic cooking singer-MLA Aditi Munsir takes to the streets to protest against fuels

#Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress also held a sit-in on Sunday to protest the petrol price hike. In this two-day program, fancy protests were seen at the corner of Baguiati more under Rajarhat Gopalpur Assembly. The price of petrol and diesel is increasing every day. The local grassroots leadership took part in the fancy protest by lowering the boat on the road in protest. Area MLA Aditi Munshi was present. He raised his voice against the central government and protested against the increase in the price of petroleum products.

He said that in the way the prices are going up, the common people will not be able to go out with bikes and cars on the road, so this protest against boats as a fancy way. Regarding the increase in diesel price, he said that the market has been affected due to the increase in diesel price. Commodity prices are rising in the daily market. The center is not taking any action. In the same way, Aditi is also vocal about the increase in the price of cooking gas. He cooks symbolically by placing a stove on the boat in protest. Trinamool activists were seen burning wooden ovens in protest. Aditi Munshi said, “People will go back to the previous day. The way the price of cooking gas has gone up, it will not be possible for the poor people to buy gas for around 900 rupees.”

Ward coordinators of local municipalities also took part in the protest. Protests are also going on in this assembly center on Saturday. Trinamool protests are going on in all block levels of the state. The Trinamool Congress has demanded that Nick Kendra withdraw the cess on petrol and diesel prices. If GST is imposed only on the price at which the Center is buying fuel from the international market, the price of petrol and diesel will come down. Though a two-day protest was observed across the state, the Trinamool leadership said that a larger movement would continue in the coming days. Not only in this state but also outside the state, the grassroots news will walk the path of protest in other states.

Amit Sarkar

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