Taslima Nasrin: ‘How many times have I soaked the pillow with tears’, Taslima Nasrin ‘candid’ with teen-age love!

#Kolkata: Veteran Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar has just passed away. Many old movies of his are being shown on different OTT platforms in his honor. Taslima Nasrin has also seen a picture of Dilip Kumar in his honor. Seeing ‘Devdas’, he told himself how this extraordinary character has fascinated him since childhood. He also posted on Facebook to share his feelings in this regard. And in the comment of that post, he directly said that he did not like Shah Rukh Khan’s performance in ‘Devdas’ at all.

Taslima wrote on Facebook, ‘I wanted to see a picture of Dilip Kumar in his honor, I decided to watch Devdas after thinking about what to watch. See- I will see pictures again, like reading- I would read books again. ‘ After that, Taslima also shared her childhood memories associated with Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel ‘Devdas’. The author said, ‘As soon as I uttered the word Devdas, I left at the age of twelve or thirteen. I don’t know how many times I have read Devdas, how many times I have spent the whole night reading, how many times I have soaked the pillow with tears. ‘

Taslima said that she was addicted to reading books since childhood. There was no choice. Instead, he would read whatever he could get. His grandfather also used to give him all the famous gifts of famous writers at that time. And the fact that ‘Devdas’ was a big favorite among other teenage novels has been proved in the writing of Taslima’s Facebook post. The author writes, ‘For those who have seen the Devdas film, those who have not read the book, I sigh in secret. In adolescence or adolescence, those who did not read Devdas at night and cry, they will understand Devdas! Now either Devdas thinks “Chick Flick”. But then? ‘

In this Facebook post of Taslima Nasrin, a commenter wrote, ‘I have seen Shah Rukh’s Devdas. I have read the book before. Both are the best in black. ‘ In response to this, the writer said, “The worst Devdas picture so far has been Shah Rukh Khan.” Later, in response to another comment, Taslima wrote, ‘Shah Rukh Khan’s over-acting is very ridiculous. But Aamir Khan’s performance is good. Many people have supported the author in the comments of the Facebook post. Many have disagreed again.

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