The owl rescued from the grassroots building is now healthy, the wound on the wing has healed

#Kolkata: An owl was rescued from the Trinamool Bhavan (TMC Bhawan) last month. Forest officials came and rescued the seriously injured Brown Owl. His right wing was injured. After three weeks of treatment, he is now “healthy” nocturnal. Veterinarians are keeping a close eye on him. The wing wound is now very dry. The owl is trying to fly with normal efficiency. State Forest Minister Jyotipriya Mallick said: Keeping. The owl is slowly recovering. “

The owl is at the veterinary center in Salt Lake. Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee spoke of building a new party headquarters soon after coming to power for the third time. Finally, the work of renovating the grassroots building on the edge of the bypass has started as per his instructions. The work of removing the belongings of the building has started from last month. Meanwhile, a lucky owl was rescued from the Trinamool building. The Lakshmi owl was found in a chile adjacent to the roof of the building. Work is underway to remove items from the Trinamool building. At that time this owl came to the notice of the office workers. Then the staff of the building informed the staff of the forest department. Forest officials came and saw that the owl had received serious injuries on its wings. This lucky owl is known as Brown Owl.

According to the forest department staff, the cause of the injury to the wings is manja yarn. The forest workers said, ‘They are nocturnal. You will not see them during the day. They usually live in a house. “Incidentally, a multi-storey house next to the Trinamool building on the side of the bypass will run the Make Shift Trinamool building for the time being.

The current building on the edge of the bypass was built in 2002. Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee was the MP then. Many memories of this building on the edge of the bypass are among the leaders of the Flower Camp. However, the team is growing, the organization is getting stronger, so the new building was needed. Incidentally, Mamata Banerjee came to hold an organizational meeting this month and informed about the renovation of the building. He even said that there was very little space for a press conference. There were hints that a new building would be built soon. Eventually the renovation of that building or the construction of a new building has started. And at the beginning of that work I found Lakshmi Owl.

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