TMC: BJP targeted in 294 constituencies, Trinamool to be vocal in Parliament over petrol-cut prices

#Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress wants to stay on the path of movement till the prices of petroleum products come down. The ruling party in 294 assembly constituencies in the state on Saturday and Sunday took part in a sit-in protest against the unbridled rise in prices of petroleum products. However, the movement will continue through various programs until the prices of petrol, diesel, cooking gas and kerosene come under control. That is what Trinamool general secretary Perth Chatterjee said.

He also warned of a bigger movement in the coming days. Perth Chatterjee complained, ‘Petrol has crossed the century. Diesel is also at the doorstep of the century. The price of cooking gas is skyrocketing. The price of kerosene is also high. In this dire situation, the Center is working hard to control prices. We are not moving away from the path of movement. Naturally, the market has also been affected due to the rise in prices of petroleum products. But there is no holdol at the center ‘.

Perth Chatterjee also slammed the Center, saying, “The reasoning of the Center for this price hike is not correct as the prices of petroleum products have gone up in the world market. With proper information, Parthababu explained that the price of oil in the world market is much lower now. But the price of fuel is going up every day. Like other parts of the state, Perth Chatterjee also took part in the protest sit-in at his constituency Behala. There, in the face of News18Bangla, Minister of State and Secretary General of the party Perth Chatterjee clarified, ‘We have already reduced the cess on petrol and diesel by one taka. Even at the rate at which prices are rising, the general public is overwhelmed. In the coming days, the Trinamool Congress will support not only the states, but also wherever there will be protests against petroleum products.

Perth Chatterjee also said that the Trinamool MPs will be vocal on the issue of petroleum products in the Parliament session as well. The unrestrained rise in prices of petroleum products on the stage is not the only tool of grassroots leadership. The agitators also raised their voices against various anti-people activities against the Center. Perth Chatterjee, led by Perth Chatterjee, took the stage to protest the imposition of GST on masks and sanitizers on behalf of the Center. The Trinamool secretary general said, “The chief minister has already written to the prime minister to withdraw GST on essential items to deal with corona.” We are talking about 0% GST for mask-sanitizer. If too much, 1% GST should be imposed keeping in view the interest of common people. The center is unanswered.

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