TMC Organizational reshuffle | ‘Hello, what is my name? ‘Whispers on the phone inside the grassroots before the result …

#Kolkata: Hello what is my name Anything to know? Tensions are running high in the grassroots, with most of the phones now hovering between the two questions. This week’s result out (TMC Organizational Reshuffle), in the media, there are rumors that there will be some changes. The measure of reshuffle is the performance in the election, and the rewards depend on who did what there. Even if they know what is going to happen, the impression of this tension is everywhere.

One district leader said, “Hey, do you have to think about all this while working?” He asked another leader in a hushed voice, “Did you hear anything, brother?” The other person immediately said, I don’t know, I hope it will be good. It is heard that the High Command has scrutinized the performance of all before announcing the results. “

The tension in the result-out is revolving around all the work. Some people are not thinking like themselves when they come with the news, this time Tamukh Dada will come if Omuk Dada is removed. It is being heard that many will also make this petition to Jagannath Tagore. All in all, the tension is now in the inner circle of the grassroots, this time only when the final result is out.

It is reported that several Trinamool district committees will be reshuffled in the coming weeks. Several district presidents may also be replaced. Trinamool came to power with a big victory in the assembly elections. But without being complacent, the Trinamool Supremo is focusing on strengthening the organization. Who did what during the voting. It will be given on the basis of merit after thorough analysis. In a word, good deeds will be rewarded. Note that before this reshuffle, the Trinamool leader herself had a wide-ranging conversation with Prashant Kishore recently. Observers say the warm-up is over. For now, the team is waiting for the fever to go away with sweat.

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