Babul Supriyo: ‘Follow’ Mukul-Trinamool, ‘Intimacy’ with Trinamool! The answer to the speculation is Babul Supriya

#Kolkata: Eight-year-old Union Minister Babul Supriyo has been dropped from the new cabinet formed by the Narendra Modi government. And since losing that ministry, Asansol MPs have been at the center of discussions through one Facebook post after another. Not only that, since losing the ministry, his clash with BJP state president Dilip Ghosh has come to the fore again and again. Recently, on social media, Babul has given more ‘mind’ to music than politics. Even after the sudden activity on social media, Babul Supriya has started following Mukul Roy and Trinamool Congress on Twitter. As a result, speculation has spread among the MPs of Asansol. So is the former Union Minister increasing his closeness with the grassroots this time? Babul opened his mouth this time with the speculation that started with him.

In the wake of various rumors about him, Babul wrote on Facebook on Sunday night, ‘Rumors are floating in the sky. Many are rushing to respond, to troll, to swear. Please don’t get me involved. Judge me by what I do, not by rumors. ‘

A few days ago, Narendra Modi reshuffled his cabinet. Talking about the emphasis on youth, the political circles say that in fact, Modi has reshuffled his cabinet in the run-up to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. As a result, many ministers have been left out. Political analysts also say that the Prime Minister did not focus on youth, but on performance. And that is why young minister Babul Supriya has also been dropped from his list.

In the last few days, various rumors have spread about this. He has also been seen to be more busy with music on social media. But his clash with Dilip Ghosh has become clear again and again. As if he had kept some distance from politics. In the meantime, following Trinamool and Mukul Roy has created new speculation about Babul Supriya. In this situation, Dilip Ghosh has repeatedly attacked Babul in a sarcastic tone. The BJP state president said sarcastically, ‘Babul was an active minister. But when he was a minister, the Chief Minister did not speak less. Now Babul breathed his last. ‘ After that, Babul wrote directly to Dilip Ghosh, ‘As the president of the state, Dilipada said many things with’ joy of mind ‘. He said again, I heard But what is the harm if this time I do not understand why I made this statement ‘consciously’ ?? This is my response! I am happy that Dilipada is happy to “save my breath”! He is the president of the state – everyone’s respect! I also pay my sincere respects to dear Dilipda !! ‘ In such a situation, the final speculation about the grassroots wind of Babylon. In the meantime, Babul’s new Facebook post created new speculation.

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