Fake CBI Officer: ‘I want you hanged’! After breaking down in tears, Shubhdeep’s mother called the boy ‘fake CBI’

Kolkata: A fake CBI official was caught this time after the fake vaccine scandal in the state. Shubhdeep Bandyopadhyay, a resident of Jagachha in Howrah, used to introduce himself as an army officer, then an IRS officer and then a CBI officer in a blue-lit car. Shubhdeep was arrested from a five-star hotel in Delhi after tracking the tower location of his mobile phone.

Meanwhile, Subhradeep Banerjee’s mother Subhradeep Banerjee demanded the death sentence for the boy after hearing about his son’s misdeeds. Shubhdeep’s mother asked for her son’s execution from the other end of the phone when the phone rang. In front of the journalists, he said to the boy on the phone, ‘You surrender. Ruined career, I want you hanged. You were not afraid before doing this. We have repeatedly taught you to live honestly. And you did such a thing, we can’t show our face. You have no right to live. Be hanged ‘.

Introducing himself as the Assistant Director of the CBI’s Special Crime Branch, Shubhdeep embezzled money with the bait of giving jobs to many people just like Debanjan. However, the investigation has revealed that there is no post of Assistant Director in the Special Crime Branch of the CBI in Kolkata. Shubhdeep even signed and sealed various documents of the CGO complex in Salt Lake, which surprised the officials of the Central Investigation Agency.

Devanjan, like Sanatan, has also been accused of one serious allegation after another. The main allegation is that he has embezzled millions of rupees in the name of getting a government job. The incident came to light on Sunday on the basis of allegations made by Shubhdeep’s ex-wife. After that the police rushed to arrest Shubhdeep. Speaking to media, Shubhdeep himself said that he is in Delhi. And as soon as they found out, the police started tracking Shubhdeep’s mobile location.

It is learned that Shubhdeep is hiding in a five-star hotel in the country’s capital. After that a team of Howrah City Police left for Delhi. Contact was made with the Delhi Police. Shubhdeep Bandyopadhyay was arrested late Sunday night from the Taj Hotel after a two-way rapprochement.

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