Murder in Kolkata: Murder in Kolkata for only 100 rupees! The police were surprised to hear the reason

#Kolkata: Ranjit Sau, a van driver from Baubazar in Kolkata, was killed for only 100 rupees for which it is not possible to market well. Three people arrested in connection with the murder have confessed to the crime during police interrogation. Ranjit, with whom he used to work together every day, first started arguing with those friends on Saturday night. Ranjit was killed due to that clash.

Ranjit Balai, a resident of Bihar, used to live on Dutt Street. Sometimes he used to live under a house on the sidewalk. According to locals, Ranjit used to drive a van in the area for many years. There is no one behind him. According to police sources, the arrested persons were driving a van with Ranjit. They used to eat and drink together all the time. Ranjit drank with several friends on Saturday night. After that, when the quarrel escalated over the distribution of money, one of them killed Ranjit by hitting his head with a brick lying next to him.

Police have identified and arrested the accused from a CCTV camera not far from the spot. According to sources, even though they had been together for several years, they used to quarrel all the time. The four were often seen at the junction of Zakaria Street and Balaji Dutt Lane. They used to quarrel mainly over money. On Saturday night, the quarrel escalated into a fight. And at that time the van driver Ranjit had to be killed for only 100 rupees.

The three arrested will be produced in Bankshal court on Monday. Although the police estimate that the cause of the murder was only 100 rupees, the murder took place due to drug addiction. Police have started collecting more information from the accused. Even if he was killed by hitting a brick on the head, why did that quarrel go so far? Police are looking for the person who hit the brick on the head.

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