Park Hotel Party: ‘Bandhanbhanga’ night party with DJ or drugs? Detectives question Park Hotel scandal …

#Kolkata: The Late Night Party has been going on till midnight in violation of anti-disaster law in Corona. Have you ever used drugs at the Park Hotel Party on Park Street? This question has arisen in the minds of the detectives from the type of party. So did Yaba tablets use the national drug at this Saturday night party? Investigating officers are not blowing up this question. Because marijuana was found from the scene. In that case, in the tradition of the last two or three years, it is believed that yaba tablets may have been used in such parties. Meanwhile, the Afghan police took detailed information about the Park Hotel Party from the Kolkata police on Saturday night. Sources said that they have also inquired about the source of the drug that night.

Meanwhile, forensic experts visited the elite hotel in the center of the city on Sunday. A team of forensic experts inspected the hotel rooms that were booked and the corridor where the party was taking place. According to sources, they found a few bottles of beer and a bottle of cold drink from the spot. Two or three such glasses were found containing the remaining drink. From which samples have already been collected and sent for testing. Forensic experts are not dispelling the suspicion that yaba tablets have been used in the drink. Knowing that, the rest of the drink and the recovered beer bottle were also sent to the test.

Since October 2016, the police have information about the use of Yaba tablets in several night parties in the city. Lalbazar has also investigated the incident of consuming this yaba tablet easily with drinks in several nightclubs in Kolkata. And it has been seen that in every case this drug user youth community. Most of them are college students.

According to experts, the method of taking these yaba tablets is very simple. It can be mixed with drinks. Sometimes this drug can also be used as candy. In the past few such cases have come before the police or the Bureau of Narcotics Control, in each case such drugs have been used in drinks at night parties. In the last two or three years, several such drug trafficking rings have been caught in Kolkata. It found that most were either in college or had just finished college. This raises the question among detectives that yaba may have been used at Saturday’s party. Because the people who took part in this party are the youth community. Although the matter will have to wait until the forensic examination report is received.

However, according to sources in Lalbazar, if the use of Yaba national drug comes to the fore, then a case will be filed under the Narcotics Act. At the same time, an investigation will be launched into where the drugs came from in the party. Room bookings are given at the hotel in accordance with the Corona rules. Despite the police claim, the party was going on in the corridor of the hotel after learning the Corona rules. Therefore, the officials and employees of the hotel will be called and questioned, according to police sources.

Amit Sarkar’s report

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