Puri Ratha Yatra: Do you want to enjoy Puri while sitting at home? State Panchayat office will make arrangements!

#Puri: Today the rope of the chariot will be pulled However, due to the corona weather, some restrictions have been issued But there is a way to change the taste of the chariot day sitting at home. Courtesy State Panchayat and Rural Development Department. Today, if you order at home, you will get a taste of Puri. What’s on the special menu? There are khichuri, dalma, luchi, patal rasa, pampar, jive gaja, rasbali, chanapora. How to match this special menu? You have to call or leave a message on WhatsApp. The numbers are 8290255659, 8160694 and 9173123556.

If you want lunch except on the day of straight chariot and reverse chariot, you have to inform by 10 pm the day before. And if you want to have dinner, then you have to inform by 1 pm on the same day. How much does it cost? The cost per packet is 265 rupees. There is no need to pay separately for the delivery charge. The Comprehensive Area Development Corporation under the State Panchayat Office has taken the responsibility of preparing this special menu.

Vegetables will be purchased from all the self-help groups under the Panchayat office. They will be bought from government-run farms Those who are proficient in all these recipes will make all these terms. So the cooks are being brought from East Midnapore and Orissa Because they are the only ones who can give the taste of chanapora, gaja giva and patal rasa Where can it be found? This special menu will be available from Dunlop Airport Gate 7 Thakurpukur from Kamalgazi turn of Goriya. Those who live in the vicinity of Navanna will also get this special menu. State Panchayat Minister Subrata Mukherjee said many people could not go to Puri due to the Corona ban. People are house captives. So home delivery of that taste was arranged. I hope people will show enthusiasm by saying ‘Joy Jagannath’.

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