Saumitra Khan: ‘Anger’-tune vanished! Soumitra Khan in the old verse again, demanded to make the grassroots zero in the panchayat vote …

#Bishnupur: He had recently resigned as the president of the Youth Front, which led to speculation that he would change tunes in the BJP. But is Soumitra Khan, a BJP MP from Bishnupur, going to change his political destination again? This question was circulating in the verandah of politics. But Saumitra Khan said from her Facebook live that there is no question of leaving the party even if she leaves the post of Youth Morcha. However, he was quite vocal against a part of the team that day. An unnamed Trinamool leader is running the party.

But now they are past. It is clear that Saumitra Khan is back to the old rhythm by looking at his social media page. After public meetings in several areas on Sunday night, Soumitra wrote on his Facebook page, “The path has started. Mission 2024. The fight in Bishnupur Lok Sabha has started from today.”

While attending the party’s organizing meeting at a private lodge in Bishnupur town on Sunday, Soumitra Khan said, “We have made the Trinamool 5-1 in Bishnupur in the Ekushey assembly elections.” This time I want to make the panchayat vote zero. He also spoke about the resignation of his youth president. He said, “It is not a new thing to leave the post of Youth Morcha after passing the age. I will fight for the rest of my life! ”

He even changed his mind and said that he was not angry with Suvendu Adhikari. He said that in politics there is pride and there is also diplomacy. However, only time will tell which direction Soumitra wanted to point in this case. However, Bankura district Trinamool Congress president Dr Shyamal Santra did not agree with his statement. According to him, “he said a lot, their own team does not like him, does not care, his words do not matter to other teams.” According to Shyamal Babu, “He pretends to leave the team in the morning and again in the afternoon saying that he is in the team.” The Trinamool leader wants to explain that there is no trust in Soumitra’s words.

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