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#Kolkata: The commission wants to start the upper primary interview from July 16 or 17. If the rules are relaxed, a notification may be issued on behalf of the commission. The state ban is in force till 6 pm on the 15th. There are strict restrictions on running trains. In that case, the school service commission will issue a notification about the interview process as soon as the restrictions are relaxed. The commission does not want to conduct interviews until train bus service is normal. This has been indicated in the commission sources.

Meanwhile, the case has started again for the appointment of teachers in the upper primary. The legal battle over the appointment has reached the division bench. A division bench of Justice Subrata Talukder and Justice Saugat Bhattacharya is fighting for a new appointment. Several job seekers have filed an appeal challenging the order of the single bench.

Earlier, Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay had given an interim stay on the upper primary recruitment process as the interview list was not published as per the rules. He even attacked the School Service Commission as “useless”. But after the recruitment process was lifted, the court said the upper primary recruitment process should come to an end this time. On the other hand, the job seekers complain that they have to repeatedly point out the mistakes of the commission. Where is the neutrality of the commission! In this case, Justice Mausumi Bhattacharya directed to start the recruitment process anew. But allegations have surfaced that multiple irregularities are also emerging in the new recruitment process. Where is the transparent image of the commission? The hearing of the recruitment case may be held in the division bench this week.

Meanwhile, the School Service Commission on Sunday issued a notification to the job seekers to lodge complaints as directed by the High Court. The SSC has issued a notification stating the details of how the job seekers can lodge a complaint in addition to providing a specific email ID. According to the new court order, job seekers (Upper Primary Recruitment) can lodge a complaint with the commission if they are dissatisfied with the newly published list. The School Service Commission will hear and judge them separately.

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