Suvendu Adhikari: CID is investigating the murder of Suvendu’s security guard! Opposition leader increased the pressure?

#Canthi: State Opposition Leader Suvendu Adhikari is under increasing pressure over an incident on October 13, 2016. While he was a minister in the Trinamool Congress, a young man named Shubhbrata Chakraborty, his security guard, was shot dead. Shubhbratar died at a Calcutta hospital on October 14 of that year. Shubhbrata’s wife Suparna Kanjilal Chakraborty has recently filed a fresh FIR in that incident. The woman has lodged a fresh complaint with the Kanthi police station, demanding a full re-investigation of the death three years ago. This time the investigation of the case was handed over to CID. According to political sources, the CID’s investigation into the whole incident could put more pressure on the opposition leader.

It is learned that a team of CID Homicide Branch is going to Kanthi to investigate the case on Monday. They will collect all the documents about the case from Kanthi police station. Earlier, the CID had handed over the investigation of several cases involving the name of opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari. This time, even in the case of the murder of his own security guard, the CID investigation has increased the pressure on Shuvendu.

The wife of Shuvendu’s security guard alleged that Shuvebrat Chakraborty was the influential minister at the time of the shooting. How did Shubhbrata get shot while being a security guard of a minister? Questions have also been raised about why it was late to take him to the hospital. Significantly, a new FIR has been lodged in connection with the death of Shubhbrata, alleging murder under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code. Shubhbratar’s wife’s complaint letter names Shuvendu Adhikari, the state’s opposition leader, and Rakhal Berar, who is known to be close to him. But why the FIR after so long? Shubhbrata’s wife Suparna Kanjilal Chakraborty claimed that she had kept her mouth shut in terror for so long. But now want justice. She demanded that the truth of her husband’s death be revealed. He questioned how he was suddenly shot after six or seven years in office. He further alleged that on May 21 this year, several people came and threatened him. It is alleged that unidentified persons also wanted to know about the death of Shubhbratta. The bereaved woman claims that there must be some mystery in this. So she demanded that the real truth of her husband’s death be revealed.

Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh has already tweeted about the issue, ‘Does Dilip Ghosh or their central party know this family and woman? The woman’s husband was your leader’s bodyguard. Please listen to the woman’s request. See, here is the name of that shepherd Bera. Your opposition leader wants to avoid answering this widow’s question. ‘ However, Shuvendu has claimed that the whole matter is Mamata Banerjee’s revenge. He alleged that Mamata Banerjee was trying to solve the problem of loss in Nandigram.

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