Three JMB militants plotted massive robbery in Kolkata, shocking information ahead – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Collect huge amount of money and create slipper cell in new module With these two goals, three Jamaat militants came to Calcutta and covered their bodies They also did Reiki to rob several banks, jewelery showrooms and financial institutions in Kolkata. And behind this whole plot is Tahid Tasnim, a jailed Jamaat militant in Bangladesh. It is estimated that Tahid hatched the whole plan while he was in jail

On Sunday, the Special Task Force of Kolkata Police arrested three Jamaat militants, Najibur Rahman, Sabbir and Rabiul Islam, from Haridebpur. The three were renting a house in Calcutta anonymously

After questioning the three militants, the police got indications of a big plan A total of 15 people, including three militants, entered the state through Maldah during the lockdown. As a result, three people were arrested but the rest of the Jamaat militants are still hiding in the area. The police want to reach them as soon as possible

Investigators found Al Amin, a member of the Jamaat’s Rabari wing, in a diary after the three militants were arrested. This Al Amin is also in jail now It is believed that the three militants were hiding in Kolkata to raise funds for the sleeper cell. They plotted to raise money by robbery For this, they started Reiki in several banks and big jewelry showrooms in Kolkata In the name of ferrying various things including selling fruits, robbery was going on The three militants collected information on how tight the security of banks, financial institutions or jewelery showrooms targeted for the robbery was. There was a plan to rob under the leadership of Najibur

The STF has learned that some of the remaining JMB members who came to India with the three militants have hid in Orissa and Kashmir. Police have learned that a man named Sheikh Shakil alias Selim Munshi helped the three to make fake Aadhaar cards. For now, this Selim Munshi has covered his body

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