Firhad Hakim Attacks Suvendu Adhikari-Rajib Banerjee || The BJP has no place in Bengal, without naming Shuvendu-Rajiv

#Kolkata: Suvendu Adhikari without name – Firhad Hakim stabbed Rajib Banerjee again. Said, ‘Before the vote, someone went to the CBI to survive. Again someone went in greed to get something. Many joined the BJP camp to satisfy their personal interests by squandering political policies and ideologies. Today, you can feel their condition by your own bones. ‘

Firhad Hakim further said that BJP has no place in Bengal. A communal party. They are just trying to destabilize the Bengal of peace. The BJP’s objective will fail. In the last assembly elections, the people of Bengal made it clear to the BJP that the BJP has no place in Bengal. The people have confidence in Mamata Banerjee. Minister of State and first-line leader of the ruling party Firhad Hakim’s remarks against the Gerua camp.

Regarding the meeting between JP Nadda and Dilip Ghosh in Delhi on Monday, Firhad said, “It is an internal matter of their party. You can have a meeting. However, there will be no one to do BJP in Bengal in the coming days. One anti-people policy after another, the people of Bengal responded to the communal incitement in the last election. Firhad appeared at the 7th Palli Durgotsab pole pujo organized by Gopalnagar Kalyan Sangha in Alipore and fired at the BJP.

Incidentally, there is a possibility of an organizational reshuffle in the state BJP soon. As the meeting between JP Nadda and Dilip took place in that atmosphere, various rumors were spread in the political arena. There were indications that changes could be made at any level of the organization, or where changes were needed. However, Dilip Babu claimed that there was no discussion on organizational reshuffle after the meeting. So what is the long meeting between the two?

In Dilip’s words, “Many things have happened after the election results. There has been a discussion on what the people think now, what the attitude of the workers is or what the party should look like in the future. On this day, the MP of Medinipur made it clear, but in this context, Firhad Hakim only said on this day, ‘Don’t see what happens next day!’


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