Huge moon snake in the hospital premises! Patients rushing to the NRS in panic


Neel Ratan Sarkar Hospital premises was busy with patients as usual. Suddenly the patients and their relatives started running in panic when they saw a moon snake. When they went to clean a garden in the hospital premises in the morning, the staff suspected danger. After that, one of the activists Chandan Roy’s suspicion suddenly increased in a voice while he was busy with various activities like cleaning the garden and cutting down trees. A voice came to that worker’s ear. With that word, the cleaner felt as if something was pushing him to his feet. When you look at the feet, you can see the tree. A moonshine snake is pushing on thick big shoes.

As soon as the worker ran away to another place in the hospital for fear of his life, panic started among the families of other patients. As soon as the word reached the other patient’s family, a rush started in the hospital premises. The workers called the office and informed about the whole incident. With that incident it was also informed that it is virtually impossible to deal with such dangers. As soon as the news was received, Sukant Pal, an official of a government project office, came and spoke to the workers after seeing the whole matter.

Hearing the fear of snakes on the faces of the workers, he ordered to stop work. That being said, however, action after this incident is only possible when the forest department makes it clear that there are no snakes. The worker Chandan Roy said, “If only a little bit, the life would have been bitten by a poisonous snake.” Another patient relative said that he had to sleep here at night, after which he would never sleep again. However, the forest department was informed by the health department. The officer of that office came and rescued the snake and took it away. Although the snake was taken from the hospital premises, the panic still did not leave the family members of the patient in the hospital.

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