JMB Terrorist: NIA to interrogate 3 militants arrested in Lalbazar! Multiple sources may come up

#Kolkata: Detectives have started a preliminary investigation into the 3 arrested JMB terrorists. The NIA wants to interrogate the three militants. The three militants who were taken into custody by the STF in Lalbazar will be interrogated by the NIA today. A large number of JMB militants are hiding in West Bengal, Assam and Hyderabad.

After interrogating 3 JMB militants, it was learned that a number of other militants like Naziur have been granted bail from different jails in Bangladesh. STF detectives have received a preliminary list. Besides Naziur, there are names of Abul Kalam Azad, Mahfuz Rahman, Salauddin Bhuiyan. According to sources, they are all JMB and Hefazat-e-Islam militants. Their aim is to spread the ideology of Khilafah in the border areas of West Bengal and Assam.

Ansarullah Bangla, a branch of Al Qaeda, started militant activities in 2019 as a member of Naziur Ansarullah Bangla. In addition to the IMB, two other militant groups have been named in the probe, Ansarullah Bangla (al-Qaeda’s branch) and Hefazat-e-Islami. Sources said JMB-militant Naziur was planning to go to Arabia. Selim Munshi’s Indian phone number was found by the police even though he did not get a mobile phone. STF is trying to recover the call record based on that number. That phone, however, was switched off on Saturday night. . On Sunday, the STF of Kolkata Police arrested three suspected JMB militants from Haridebpur Police Station Ela Ka. After that, the detectives raided the house of the detainees and got some information. When the detainees were taken to court on Monday, police custody was ordered till July 26. Sheikh Sabbir, one of the militants, was brought to the chamber of Dr. Gouranga Haldar, a physician from Behala, on the 10th of last month. Sheikh Sabbir has undergone fifteen days of treatment as a rickshaw puller by profession. Today, the NIA is trying to find out the big clues through the interrogation of the arrested militants. Whether they have plotted sabotage somewhere in Bengal is also being investigated. Detectives think that multiple sources related to this will come up in the interrogation.

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