Kolkata Cinema Hall Renovation || Initiatives to save single screen! The Oriental Cinema Hall in Sealdah is being transformed into a glittering shop

#Kolkata: Prachi Cinema Hall witnessed many nostalgia in North Kolkata. Currently closed for lockdown. However, this theater to come in a new form. Retail outlets are being set up in the premises of the cinema hall. New attempts to capture the magic of the single screen are at the helm of the wall.

All industries affected by corona. The world of entertainment has not been left out either. The door of the cinema hall is locked, the forehead is folded, the owners of the hall. The cost of electricity, the salaries of the employees, how will they supply? Najehal condition is the owners. At that time, Bidisha Basu, the head of Prachi Cinema, thought of another business model. Oriental cinema is being built on the premises, a clothing outlet. Without selling to any multiplex or shopping mall, Bidisha wants to save her family business. So he has redecorated the east, with a retail outlet. However, Bidisha is not selling or renting.

The whole floor is the whole, and the showroom is across some part of the team. As a result, the number of seats will be less than before. But business will survive. Prachi Cinema Hall was started in 1947 by Jitendranath Basu. Jiten Basu inaugurated this hall on the day of Janmashtami. Then his son Dipendranath Basu took over the business. He could not continue this business for long. His son died while Jiten Basu was still alive. Granddaughter Bidisha took the helm of the business. In the midst of all this, Vidisha has tried to keep the hall alive by making various changes in the wall. Earlier only Bengali films were shown. In order to keep pace with the times, Hindi and English pictures were also introduced in this hall. He has also made the screen suitable for showing 3D pictures.

Renovation work has started from June 25. The rest of the work will be completed in a few more days. Not compromising with tradition, but the money needed to run the business. The head of the wall wants to reconcile the two.


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