Kolkata Drug Racket || Add drugs to the night party of the elite hotel in Park Street! Exciting turn in detective investigation

#Kolkata: Adding drugs to a night party at an elite hotel on Park Street. Lalbazar got the fate of the drug ring in that party. Investigators are searching for the culprits. The Kolkata police’s intelligence department is already investigating how the party broke into the party by midnight on Saturday, using hotel rooms and corridors in violation of the Corona Disaster Management Act. Police sources claimed that the drug ring was involved in the investigation.

However, the police officials are now reluctant to open their mouths about who was supplying drugs. According to investigators, the suspects may have taken drugs mixed with the drink. In this case, the investigators are not dismissing the use of yaba tablets as a national drug. Forensic experts have already collected the rest of the drink from the corridor of the hotel where the party took place. It has been sent to the laboratory. Besides, after interrogating the accused in police custody, some information about drug use has come to hand. Based on that information, the search for those who supplied drugs to the party has started.

Police have already learned that a total of ten rooms were booked for the night on the third and fourth floors of the hotel. The names of those who booked these rooms have already reached the hands of the police. The police got the list from the hotel registration book. Not only last Saturday, Deda party has been organized by booking 12-15 rooms for several days. The work of identifying those who organized the party on Saturday is over. This time, the Kolkata Police’s intelligence department will send a notice for their interrogation. Investigators believe that more information about the members of the drug ring will be available after their interrogation.

Police claim that most of the ten rooms booked last Saturday were booked in the name of girls. Lalbazar thinks that a cycle has worked behind this too. It is speculated that hotel staff may have joined this cycle. CCTV footage of the hotel has already been collected. Hotel officials were summoned to Lalbazar on Wednesday. By questioning them, the police want to be more clear about how much collusion the hotel officials have with the party organizers. Because in the investigation, the police found out that the hotel was directly involved in creating the party atmosphere. The hotel officials are also questioning why the hotel was not obstructed in Corona.


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